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Learn in exciting new ways for personal or professional development

Learn in exciting new ways for personal or professional development

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Our team has a wide range of experiences


Former clients include
Intel, Toshiba, Adobe, Oprah, Hansen, Little Debbie, PopChips, Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobile.
Typically we have been hired directly by management on behalf of the entire corporation. In some cases, we have been brought in by a contractor, marketing firm, board member or a specific C-level executive.

For the past several years we have been consulting multiple non-profits to help them develop a competitive advantage through technical innovation.

Additionally, we have been setting up technicaly driven project management, accounting and fundraising systems for non-profits with interests ranging from educational equity to animal rights advocacy.

On behalf of multiple non-profits we have

Raised over $1 million dollars from USC, LA84, the Lakers Foundation and private donors.

Designed digital and non-digital fundraising strategies.

Implemented internal control systems to mitigate theft and loss on the deployment of capital around the world.


We have founded several startups, one was acquired through a merger and another was sold to a larger more capitalized competitor who struggled to innovate.

We have been involved at the pre and post funding stages as key technical partners and early employees.

We have been invited to judge startup competions and advise founders at various incubators in Southern California

In addition to consulting, we offer hosted software solutions and a wide range of fun projects being developed